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About CEO Resources

LR1Linda Resnick founded CEO Resources, Inc. in 1989, since then performing hundreds of executive search engagements with small and mid-market innovative companies. Positive, pragmatic, and action-oriented, Linda and her team have worked with thousands of candidates over a 35 year career. Linda possesses an affinity for innovation and change, coupled with expertise in marketing, human relations, professional development and organizational improvement. Her candid and “tell it like it is” feedback has boosted the careers and businesses of a diverse roster of clients.

Over her career, Linda has been involved in a broad range of business, educational and charitable areas. She knows the workforce and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Linda has held leadership positions at ARAMARK, Unisys and University City Science Center, and taught at West Chester University. She is an investor in the New Jersey Technology Center’s Venture Fund, which funds early stage companies. Prior to the dot com boom, she authored A Big Splash in a Small Pond: Finding a Great Job in a Small Company, which was published by Simon & Schuster, and became a platform for many media appearances, presentations and press coverage.

Never forgetting her values, Linda remains a committed activist working to advance women and children in her community and developing nations. Linda co-founded two nonprofits, Women’s Way and Women International Leaders of Greater Philadelphia, and is on the Board of Directors of the Alliance for Women Entrepreneurs. For a decade she served on the Board of Directors of the Philadelphia Academies, Inc.